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Big Data Service 2020 -- Online, Worldwide

Due to concerns about COVID-19, BigDataService 2020 has canceled its physical component and will go fully virtual

The Virtual Conference Space:

The conference’s virtual space is hosted on Moodle website called "Joint IEEE Conferences” at the following URL:
It contains all resources and information that you need to participate in the conference. But, it is protected only for registered conference participates to access. To gain the access, you must register at the following website:
The deadline for registration is on 1 August, 2020.

Conference materials and resources:

From 3rd August (may be earlier), conference participants will be able to view the presentations of the papers recorded by the authors and submitted to the virtual space. The papers will be available to view from the virtual space on Moodle website. The whole set of conference proceedings will be available to download, too. The virtual space also contains technical programmes, Zoom Room listings, and forums for discussions, information about keynote and panel sessions, even a virtual social event section.

How to be prepared for the live sessions:

At the online conference sessions, the recorded videos will NOT be played. Instead, each author will give a 5-minute summary of the work and then followed by live discussions in the form of answering questions from the audience. All participants are strongly encouraged to view the videos, read the papers and prepare some questions for live discussions at the sessions.

Please note that, all plenary sessions (i.e. events across all co-located six conferences), including keynotes, panels, opening session, and closing and award session are all live sessions. The schedules can be found on the virtual space of the Moodle Website.

Offline activities:

In addition to live discussions at the session, each session also has a separate forum on the virtual space for you to post comments and questions in advance of the session and/or after the session for asynchronous text-based discussions.

Platform of the online sessions:

The conference sessions will be on the Zoom platform. In particular, each conference will have a dedicated Zoom Room for the sessions of that conference, and an additional dedicated breakout Room for informal meet-ups for the conference participants. Please joint the Zoom room a few minutes earlier because the sessions will start on time. Links to the Zoom rooms will be posted on the Moodle website and you can access them by a click of the link.

Wish you all enjoy the conferences.